From our Studio on Martha's Vineyard... Fine Butcher Block

Solid Butcher Blocks

  • Black Walnut
    Black Walnut is a very strong North American hardwood prized for its rich chocolate color. It is the most popular wood we use.
  • Cherry
    Cherry is a strong, tight-grained North American hardwood. It starts out nearly pink and with time darkens into a rich burgundy color.
  • White Oak
    White oak is a very strong North American hardwood. We use only quarter-sawn white oak, giving it extra durability and a very striking grain pattern. White oak is used to make the barrels for aging wine and whiskey, because unlike red oak, it has a closed cell structure, and does not allow moisture to pass through it.
  • Rock Maple
    The hardest of the North American hardwoods we use. It is light in color and has a very tight grain pattern. Maple is the traditional hardwood used for butcher blocks.

Patterned Butcher Blocks

  • The Deirdre shown in 14"×21"
    The Deirdre
    Black walnut center with a cherry border, one of our most popular blocks.
  • The Douglas shown in 14"×21"
    The Douglas
    A black walnut center with a wide cherry border. All blocks with borders are available with the wide “Douglas” borders.
  • Running Ribbons shown in 12"×18"
    Running Ribbons
    We use a solid piece of black walnut with sap-wood streaks, and arrange them into ribbons running through the block. Only available in sizes 9×13, 10×15, or 12×18. Also available in cherry. Currently this design is on very long backorder. Please call for details.
  • The Abigail shown in 14"×21"
    The Abigail
    We use a solid piece of cherry that has bright sap-wood streaks in it. The result is a red block with blonde highlights.
  • White Oak with Black Walnut Borders shown in 12"×18"
    White Oak with Black Walnut Borders
  • Cherry with Black Walnut Borders shown in 14"×21"
    Cherry with Black Walnut Borders
  • Black Walnut with Cherry Stripes shown in 10"×15"
    Black Walnut with Cherry Stripes
  • White Oak with Think Black Walnut Stripes shown in 9"×13"
    White Oak with Thin Walnut Stripes
  • Black Walnut and Maple Checkered Pattern shown in 10"×15"
    Black Walnut and Maple Checkered
    Available in any combination of the four hardwoods we use. We can also make you a regulation chessboard; just provide us with the base size of your playing pieces.


Handles are an option available for any of our butcher blocks, below are the four styles we carry in stock. They are $44.95 installed. If you have kitchen hardware you would like to match, we can intall any handle you provide.

  • Polished nickel
  • Satin nickel
  • Oil-Rubbed nickel
  • Brass


  • Krug & Ryan Butcher Block Conditioner
    Keep your butcher block looking like new. Made with the highest grade mineral oil and antibacterial pure white beeswax. Available in 7 oz. containers for $12.95 (plus $5.00 shipping).

Custom Butcher Blocks

We gladly accept custom orders. From combinations and sizes not listed above, to custom countertops and butcher block islands. We have yet to find a combination of our hardwoods we don't like.